Born in Brussels in 1990, Roubens, street artist, attended 7 years an Artistic academy. He also graduated in 2013 at the High School St Luc (Brussels) as a graphic designer in visual and plastic arts.  His studies have enabled him to manipulate digital processing programs and animation, programs he uses as a tool for his inspiration. Starting with the walls of his artistic school, Roubens was initiated into the graffiti and streetart with a group of friends.

My work

It is about abstraction, combining geometry and organic in a wavy dynamic.
Wavy, enchanting, falling and ascending, the shapes are in a perpetual movement.
Geometrics become rocks, rocks become smoke, smoke become leafs… All of it floating in a weigtlessness universe.

In 2016, I joined Propaganza Urban Artists (Brussels), this is where the adventure began.

Teamwork is enriching and opens other views, broaden his horizons and approach to new supports. His association early 2016 with Nathalie Sanzache, lighting sculptor on concrete generated the Capsule Collection.  Still in 2016, he joined the Brussels collective “Propaganza Urban Artists” which includes about twenty artists and it is thanks to the various talents and the good relationship in the group that large mural frescos were realized. In 2017, he formed a partnership with the plastic artist photographer Bernard Langestein.. Its graffiti covers full scale resin straw bales. A large-scale work where precision and technique are essential. In 2019, he begins to works with Benjamin Duquenne on large scale artistic installations with a more nature engagement.

Mixed Media

Mainly painting with acrylic spray paint, airbrush, brush and roller, I love to add special textures, materials to make stuff pop out off the walls or canvas.
While sculpting or making installations, I’ll use wood, resins, clay…

Paintable Supports

From cloth to plastic, wood to metal, paper to stone, the field of action is quite large.
To mention some other materials suitable for painting : Linnen, leather, resins, concrete, bricks…
Interventions on walls, pannels, containers, sculptures, cars, bikes and so on.


Live paintings, private lessons, or small group workshops. Showing how I get my stuff done.